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Global time evolution graphic (show how website performs over time)

It is essential to measure the effects of the efforts done to improve a web site performance.

In my sense, it would be great to have a graphic showing the time evolution of web site global performance indicators, such as:

1. Total number of backlinks
2. Total number of unique IPs
3. Total of unique domains
4. Domain authority
5. etc.

All these appear in the dashboard, but presently their time evolution are not available. So I have to use other tools than TT, which is time consuming... :-(

I don't understand why this has not been implemented yet!

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  • AdminTraffic Travis (Founder, Traffic Travis) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Thank you for your suggestion. Traffic Travis currently does provide graphics that show how your website's rankings change over time. These can be found in the SEO -> Rankings tab on the far right, under the Ranking History column, and can be accessed by clicking on View/Compare.

    With that said, we do not yet offer the other features. We very much appreciate the suggestion and will put it under review if it receives more votes.

    All the best!

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