Why haven't I received a confirmation email?

The first thing to check is that you entered your email address correctly. If you enter it again here, it will let you know.

The second thing to check is that our email hasn't been mistakenly sent to your "bulk email" or "spam" folder. If this happens, find the email and do whatever you need to do to mark it as "not spam." This will stop any future messages from us from going into the spam bin as well! 

Gmail users should also check their "Social" and "Promotions" tabs.

Please note, sometimes it can take a little while for emails to get through. This can be for any number of reasons. 

If it's been a few hours and you still haven't received it (and it's really not in your "spam" folder), then you might want to check with your Internet service provider. In the meantime, you can sign up with a free email service like Yahoo mail or Gmail and register again using one of these.

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