The rankings data on my dashboard is not updating. Please help!

Please check if you have the latest version of TTv4. If you do not, we advise that you update to the latest version.

If you have the latest version, you might be blocked by search engines because you have requested too much data without using any proxies. If you don't have proxies, you should use a captcha-resolving service and update your data manually. Just complete the captcha if one appears.

Also, if you have bad proxies, you should remove all of them. It's also best to avoid free proxies as they can cause several issues.

If you are not using proxies, please make sure that the "Timer Delay" value is at least 7 seconds. If you have proxies, then you can decrease this value to generate results faster.

If you want to manually update the rankings data on your dashboard, please open the SEO Rankings tool, select one keyword with the search engine that is not updating and click on the "Update" button.

If you continue to have problems, please upload your project database to and email support with the download link.

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