How can I stop getting captchas or stop getting blocked by Google?

Google will make you fill out captchas or temporarily block you if you run too many Traffic Travis updates or keyword searches at once. There are a few things you can do for free to reduce the odds of these problems:

1. Delete any projects you aren't using anymore.

2. Edit your projects by clicking on the pencil-and-paper icon under their names.
-Reduce the number of "Results to Check." If you have it set to 100 and you really only care if you're ranking in the top 30, for example, then change it to 30.
-Remove any unimportant search engines from your "Project Search Engines."
-Delete any unnecessary keywords.
-Click on "Update Settings" and reduce the frequency with which you update your project.

3. In File -> Program Options, go to "Internet" and make sure your "Timer Delay" is set to at least 7 seconds.

4. Connect your AdWords account in File > Program Options > AdWords if you haven't yet. If you have, go there and test your AdWords details to make sure they're working.

If you're willing to spend money, you also have the following options:

5. Buy proxies by going to File > Program Options > Internet and clicking on the link we have provided. This will direct you to our recommended proxy provider, which supplies high-quality, TT-compatible proxies. These will run searches from multiple IP addresses, making Google much less likely to block you or make you complete captchas. We typically recommend using at least 5 proxies with Traffic Travis Pro.

6. To avoid getting captchas entirely, go to File > Program Options > Captchas and select one of the TT-compatible captcha-resolving services. These services will fill out your captchas automatically.

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