Why are my CSV reports all jumbled in Excel?

EDIT 9/9/2015: We have just released Traffic Travis version, which includes a fix for this error. Please update to the latest version in order to resolve this problem and cause Excel files to open correctly automatically.

Due to an essential August 2015 update designed to prevent major errors, Traffic Travis's CSV reports no longer automatically format correctly in Excel. It takes a few extra steps to open your CSV reports in Excel now:

1. Click the purple "CSV" button at the bottom left of your screen.

2. Choose where you would like to save the file, and click "SAVE."

3. You will get a message saying "Report created successfully! Open report?" Click "NO."

4. Open Excel, then use it to open the file you just saved.

5. Excel will display a Text Import Wizard. Select "Delimited" and click "Next >."

6. Select the correct delimiter for your settings (this will typically be "Comma") then click "Next >." You will know if you have selected the correct delimiter when the preview shown by Excel displays everything as neatly arranged into columns.

7. Select "General" as your column data format (or whichever format makes your preview look better), then click "Finish."

Now you have a nice, orderly spreadsheet!

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