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  1. Can I purchase a multi-license for my company?

  2. Can Traffic Travis analyze redirected domains?

  3. Does Traffic Travis require 2-step verification in AdWords?

  4. How can I do keyword research and choose the match type?

  5. How can I stop getting captchas or stop getting blocked by Google?

  6. How do I back up, restore, or transfer my project databases?

  7. How do I clear my browser's cache of downloaded files?

  8. How do I find the top sites ranking for a keyword?

  9. How do I import my keyword data?

  10. How do I manually update my pages after making changes on my website?

  11. How do I migrate projects from Traffic Travis V3 to V4

  12. How do I reinstall or re-download Traffic Travis?

  13. How do I resize columns in Traffic Travis?

  14. How do I schedule project updates?

  15. How do I set the Timer Delay?

  16. How do I uninstall Traffic Travis?

  17. How do I update the data on my dashboard?

  18. How do I update Traffic Travis?

  19. How do I use Traffic Travis?

  20. How much does Traffic Travis V4 cost?

  21. I can't find the options to do different keyword match types. I want to do exact, broad and phrase keyword search.

  22. I can't watch the Help videos!

  23. I upgraded Traffic Travis from Free to Pro but I'm not being asked for a code

  24. I'm being asked to complete a captcha when doing keyword research

  25. I'm getting an AdWords or 3rd-party tools error

  26. I'm getting captcha requests every few minutes while doing keyword research

  27. I'm getting the page warning "An image was missing an alt tag"

  28. Is there a Traffic Travis video tutorial?

  29. Is Traffic Travis Mac compatible?

  30. Keyword Research returns no results!

  31. My computer is asking what program I should use to open Traffic Travis

  32. My page has too many H1 tags

  33. Registration code is used too many times

  34. The rankings data on my dashboard is not updating. Please help!

  35. The software says my registration code is invalid.

  36. There is no data showing the difficulty of keywords

  37. Traffic Travis requests a reCAPTCHA but doesn't let me answer it

  38. Traffic Travis says Adobe Flash isn't installed (but it is)!

  39. Traffic Travis says I am not connected to the Internet but I am connected

  40. Traffic Travis shows a virus/malware/Trojan warning

  41. Traffic Travis V4 is missing features that were in V3

  42. Traffic Travis Won’t Update!

  43. Unable to verify with server #01c error message

  44. What are the newest / most recently changed features?

  45. What are the system requirements?

  46. What Is Traffic Potential?

  47. What is Traffic Travis?

  48. What restrictions does the Free version have?

  49. What sitemap types does Traffic Travis recognize?

  50. Where can I download the software from?

  51. Where can I find my project databases?

  52. Where Do I Enter My Traffic Travis Registration Code?

  53. Where is the Backlinks Finder?

  54. Why are my CSV reports all jumbled in Excel?

  55. Why do I get different backlink counts on the Dashboard and SEO backlinks tab?

  56. Why do I keep getting blocked by Google?

  57. Why haven't I received a confirmation email?

  58. Why is the software free? What's the catch?

  59. Why should I use an Adwords account?

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